How does the golf course ratings point system work?

Points calculation: I rate each course on 5 categories, comparing it to other courses of its size (i.e. comparing 9 hole courses to the ideal 9 hole course, etc.) giving each a category score from 1-5. The total score for the 5 categories is the final rating.

The five categories are:

Challenge/Interest: 1-5 (1 is boring no challenge, 5 is appropriately challenging for a wide-range of golfers but not impossibly frustrating)
Scenic Beauty: 1-5 (purely subjective, looking at the course itself but also surrounding views)
Fun: 1-5 (purely subjective, but speed of play, attitude of other golfers, nature of the course, etc play a role here)
Cost: 1-5 (1 is insanely expensive, 3 is ok, 5 is a bargain)
Amenities/Staff: 1-5 (includes everything from the friendliness and helpfulness of staff, quality of food service, course upkeep and maintenance, etc.)